The Orange Eats Creeps is the story of a 17 year-old girl who is trying to find her runaway sister. She is on an odyssey with a pack of crustys, hobo vampire sluts, they hop train and hike forests and hitch rides with sketchy truckers across the Pacific Northwest. It’s the 90s. Everyplace is sex and gore and greenery.  It’s a an epic hallucination, a nightmare you have on cold medicine, twisting in your bed. Here is a lookbook I made for it. Come to RADAR Wednesday, January 9th and hear Grace Krilanovich, it’s author.

See Grace Krilanovich with Jack Halberstam, Favianna Rodriguez and D-L Alvarez Wednesday, January 9th at the RADAR Reading Series at the San Francisco Public Library. Main Branch, Latino Reading Room, 6pm, free.


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