Michelle Tea, Founder and Artistic Director


Virgie Tovar, Managing Director


Eileen Sochia, Intern

RADAR Board of Directors

Dorothy Allison
Board Member, National Coalition Against Censorship
Founder, The Independent Spirit Award
Board member since 2004

Emma Bailey
Associate Producer, Citizen Film
Web Designer
Board member since 2011

Marcia Chatelain, PhD.
Faculty, University of Oklahoma
Alumni, Brown University
Board member since 2008

Cheryl Dunye
Filmmaker, screenwriter, director
Faculty, California College of the Arts
Board member since 2009

Christina Frank
Rainbow Grocery
Fashion Consultant
Board member since 2011

Rebekah Kim
Archivist, GLBT Historical Society
Board member since 2009

Diana Kayiatos
Vice President / Senior Branch Manager, First Bank Chairperson, Citibank
Heartwalk Team
Board member since 2003

Sloane Martin
Contributing Editor, Gawker Media
Board member since 2011

Rebeka Rodriguez
Program Director, Intersection for the Arts
Bring Your Own Queer, Producer
Board member since 2009

Rebekah Sitty
San Francisco Community Acupuncture, Founder Filmmaker
Board member since 2010

Katherine Spencer, PhD.
University of Minnesota Medical School Center for Sexual Health, Psychologist
Transgender Rights Activist
Board Member since 2011

Caroline Thompson
Director of National Accounts, Serino Coyne
Board member since 2008

Raquel Gutierrez
Community Programs Manager, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Board member since 2012

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